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(On his wife Evely and himself)


We have been married two years. She studied architecture at the national university of Piura and I studied business administration. I started working for Eagle Condor in 2013 and have had the opportunity to learn from others about their endeavors and to help them improve their ability to create income by teaching the self-sufficiency program. I have also learned to be self-sufficient.


Unfortunately this year very heavy rain attacked our region. Such rains only come every 20 years, and the effects caused by this rain have been the most devastating in the last 90 years.  Our house was surrounded by water and the current had to pass directly through it. Also, our region was isolated from the rest of the country, and food began to be scarce due to the lack of transport. In the beginning we could be calm thanks to the storage we had at home and the savings (because we practiced what we were teaching others), but as the weeks and months went by everything became worse, we were worried as we would not get food because the little that entered the city by plane was too expensive.  Just at that moment we received the help through Eagle Condor.  Because of this we were able to make the repairs to our home and help all our families in our Self-Reliant groups to survive, since so many houses had fallen by the intensity of the rain. Many families who were under our responsibility lost everything when the river entered the city.

Thanks to the flood relief efforts, I was able to buy food to survive through the worst months and it also allowed me to help my other family members and the other families that unfortunately were even worse off.






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