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Eagle Condor invites you to sponsor a unique holiday tradition in Peru called a “chocolatada” (chocolate party), which includes delicious hot chocolate and a special holiday bread called panettone and one gift for each of the children under our care.


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Spend a few moments with our fantastic volunteers.  Experience the trials and joy of service through their eyes.



Child Spotlight- Mariela

Child Spotlight- Mariela

This is Mariela Chavez!She is 7 years old and loves the color purple. Her favorite activities are writing, drawing, and reading books. Her favorite book is Little Red Riding... read more


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A unique holiday treat and tradition in Peru is a “chocolatada” (chocolate party) which includes delicious hot chocolate, and a special holiday bread called panettone. Each year ECH seeks sponsors for these festivities, which also includes one gift for each of the children under our care.