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Children of promise, with a new life free of starvation, disease, and fear.

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Humanitarian Expeditions: Experience the joy of service and the richness of a new culture

Drawing upon the strengths of diverse cultures to create opportunities of self-reliance.

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Self-Reliant Training and Enterprise Zones: Making Long Term Change for Good

Training emphasizing personal, community and business strategies.

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‘Eagle Condor Humanitarian seeks to bridge cultures by empowering children and families by providing opportunities for self-reliance. We are a 501(c)3 Salt Lake City, Utah based non profit humanitarian organization that works on sustainable development projects in Latin America focused on education, health, nutrition, infrastructure, and small business development. Currently we have operations in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. We believe that together we can make lasting change for good. Contact us at www.eagle-condor.org or 801 263 2000.

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Self Reliant Program

Teaching and emphasizing reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others


“This week, Mary, our contact in the Tambogrande government, took us to speak with the lead city engineers. As we first sat down and began to explain who we were, their faces seemed lined with concern and apprehension. They put forth a couple of uneasy questions... read more

Children’s Blog

Spend a few moments with our fantastic volunteers.  Experience the trials and joy of service through their eyes.


Cleaning with the Kids at El Bichito

Cleaning with the Kids at El Bichito

Our intern Keaton wrote “I found a couple young boys here in El Bichito who have impressed me! From the very beginning they have been a good group of boys and girls that usually stay and help out a lot with the cleanup here after we eat. Gustavo and Eber I... read more


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Together-  Change For Good

Together- Change For Good

Three Self-Reliant Communities need your help! Which will you choose? Your $100 donation sponsors an entire series of classes for deserving individuals creating stronger businesses, families and communities.

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