Zamudio’s Paintings and Eagle Condor Humanitarian Present:


Featuring Paintings Of Jesus Christ By John Zamudio
And Local & International Children’s Artwork

Dinner VIP Opening:   October 1st
General Public:             October 2nd-5th

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Children of promise, with a new life free of starvation, disease, and fear.

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Humanitarian Expeditions: Experience the joy of service and the richness of a new culture

Drawing upon the strengths of diverse cultures to create opportunities of self-reliance.

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Training emphasizing personal, community and business strategies.

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‘Eagle Condor Humanitarian seeks to bridge cultures by empowering children and families by providing opportunities for self-reliance. We are a 501(c)3 Salt Lake City, Utah based non profit humanitarian organization that works on sustainable development projects in Latin America focused on education, health, nutrition, infrastructure, and small business development. Currently we have operations in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. We believe that together we can make lasting change for good. Contact us at or 801 263 2000.

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Self Reliant Program

Teaching and emphasizing reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others


New Business Class in Lucuto, Tambogrande near Piura

New Business Class in Lucuto, Tambogrande near Piura

It is an amazing thing to see people united in a righteous cause. This week, in a class in Locuto, there were in attendance almost as many members of Eagle Condor and the local government as the enrolled women. At least it seemed so to me. We all stood in the back or along the wall as Jorge taught the class. As we looked on, I noticed the humility of those in attendance. Many of these women had begun working at a very young age and had never had the chance to attend a school. They were completely attentive to the presentation being given and absorbed in the learning process, but as soon as we arrived to a portion of the class that required them to write down some of their goals and dreams for their life, they looked down in embarrassment. We quickly realized that the majority of these women didn’t know how to read or write! They quickly began to explain their situation to Jorge and he asked those who had come from Eagle Condor and the local government to help. It was in that moment that I watched as all of those who had come to help leaped off the wall like angels and swooped down to help each lady individually as they worked through their assignment. It was really special. They felt capable and all of those who served as their scribes got an opportunity to talk one on one with them about what they wanted in their lives. Each one of them was able to express their dreams and goals and almost every one... read more

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Spend a few moments with our fantastic volunteers.  Experience the trials and joy of service through their eyes.


Noemi en El Bichito

Noemi en El Bichito

After weeks of trying to establish a solid study time after lunch, children now know that we expect them to read some books and also that we help them with their homework. Now they come to me and say, “Enseñame mi tarea.” So on Wednesday, I was helping two boys with their math homework. Then I noticed something in the corner where the bookcase is. Noemi was picking up the books from the floor and putting them in the right places. She was organizing them. Ever since I got here, the bookcase was always messy. With so many kids taking them out and throwing them or not treating them right, it was never organized. Noemi is so shy. She doesn’t speak much or run around. But here she was, doing something extraordinary in my eyes. I was touched by her kind heart and spirit. So I asked her to stand in front of the bookcase that she organized for a picture. She was so shy that she almost didn’t do it I am humbled by these small actions of kindness that I witness here among the children. I am helping them with their math homework, but they are teaching me greater... read more


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Together-  Change For Good

Together- Change For Good

Three Self-Reliant Communities need your help! Which will you choose? Your $100 donation sponsors an entire series of classes for deserving individuals creating stronger businesses, families and communities.

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