Eagle Condor Humanitarian (ECH) is committed to changing the label of “children at risk” to “children of promise.” By replacing their fear of starvation and disease with hope for a positive future and the alleviation of poverty. You can help make this happen by Sponsoring a Child.


Why Sponsor a Child?

Millions of children in South America live without adequate food, shelter, clothing or education. Given the lack of social, political, and familial structures and resources, many children leave their villages and end up living on the streets. Sponsoring children helps to provide them with basic needs, like food, shelter, and hygiene to create the foundation to access education and skill development. Interns work one-on-one with children to foster a personal identity, individual strengths, habits of cleanliness, order, discipline, and the tools necessary to enter the job market to become a productive community member. Sponsoring a child can make all the difference in a child’s life, and yours, as you have the unique opportunity to provide continuity, security, and hope while building a bridge between your world to theirs. 100% of child sponsorship funds are used for the operational needs of children at risk in South America.  Sponsorship donations go to help all children. If you would like details about a specific child, so you and your family can follow their individual progress, we are happy to coordinate that upon request. Our interns provide regular updates on the childrens progress on our children’s blog. To sponsor a child, click here or call us at 801-263-2000 to receive more information about the process.




Children at El Bichito: Sponsored & Needing a Sponsor


Children at Aldea: Sponsored & Needing a Sponsor



Cajamarca, Peru – El Bichito


Trubaco, Colombia – Semillas de Amor


Iltaqui and Jawapamba, Ecuador


Trujillo, Peru – Aldea


You can help their lives to become success stories


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