Innovasis is an international company engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of spinal implant devices and related products. Innovasis offers a spinal product line with implants and instruments that address major pathologies and areas of traditional spinal surgery.  Innovasis has donated over 1 million dollars in surgeries, training, and equipment along with over 90 orthopedic/neurosurgeons who have been on 18 expeditions with Eagle Condor Humanitarian. For more information please visit www.innovasis.com

Interweave Solutions enables participants in developing countries to achieve self-reliance and success within businesses, their homes and communities. The Interweave Self Reliance Program works with local organizations, which include micro-finance institutions, humanitarian agencies, churches and local neighborhood associations. Their work enables participants to start and expand successful businesses, as families and community groups, and to gain capacity to plan, unite, and solve shared problems. For more information please visit http://interweavesolutions.org/index.php

The Liahona Children’s Nutrition & Education Foundation is an enthusiastic, volunteer-run organization dedicated to providing nutrition supplements and education to malnourished and underweight children in Ecuador, Peru and Guatemala. For more information visit http://www.liahonachildren.org/

SewMuchHope works to restore hope and balance in communities devastated by war, genocide, and poverty. They provide individuals within the communities with sewing machines, technical skills, micro-loans, and the resources necessary to enable those who were once impoverished to create a better life for their families and communities, one sewing machine at a time. Sew Much Hope works with Eagle Condor Humanitarian to develop creative solutions and programs that allow the poorest of the poor to earn extra income, start a micro-business, or simply mend clothing and improve their family and community’s standard of living. For more information visit www.sewmuchhope.org/


Mondo Art Project (MAP) – Can you change the world with a child’s drawing? Mondo believes so.  Mondo feels that by giving children the opportunity to share their voice,through the universal language of art, with other children all over the globe – this is where lives change and hearts are opened.  http://www.mondofineart.com/mondo-art-project/partners


The Deyhle Foundation – The Deyhle Foundation is a family run humanitarian organization committed to helping promote worldwide literacy. Their goal is to provide new textbooks, literature, and other teaching materials to the most impoverished areas of the world.  This family truly serves and makes a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor. http://www.thedeyhlefoundation.org/TDF/Home.htm


AMS Credit Card Processor – Set up a processing account through AMS and 50% of the profit goes back to Eagle Condor.  AMS promises to reduce your costs, or donate $100 to Eagle Condor for the effort!  Please call for details or download the flyer by clicking here.


Utah Truffles – Great chocolate should be experienced, but the experience does not have to include hunting for it.  Utah Truffles are available all over Utah and in several locations around the country. To find a location that carries Utah Truffles near you Click Here.


Goodshop & Goodsearch – It’s easy for you to support Eagle Condor Humanitarian through everyday actions.  Simply register Eagle Condor Humanitarian through Goodsearch and see how your internet searches and shopping raises funds for children and families.




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