Mission Statement: Alleviating poverty through self-reliance training

Eagle Condor Humanitarian embraces a holistic and collaborative approach to alleviating poverty.  Working with four Pillars of Self-Reliance, ECH  incorporates the following training programs:


  • EDUCATION – Internships comprising students, adults and couples, work one-on-one to mentor children, individuals and/or communities to help advance education and skill development.
  • HEALTH/NUTRITION – Child sponsorships provide needed nutrition, safe shelters, medical and dental essentials, and hygiene training for over 350 children under our care.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE – Humanitarian expeditions, in partnerships with local leaders, establish community plans and projects in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador.
  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT Self-Reliant Associations train eligible participants principles of good business practice and entrepreneurship facilitating enterprise for individuals and families.

Our Organizational Goals:

  • Break generational poverty and create self-sustaining opportunities by providing avenues for education, hygiene, and skill development
  • Bridge cultures by providing grassroots humanitarian experiences for adults, youth, and families who want to make a significant difference in the lives of others
  • Incentivize people to become sustainable changes agent within their own communities
  • Establish a perpetuating & respected organization where members and donors are confident their contributions are providing options for self-reliance
  • Unify communities while creating sustainable economical diversification
  • Create hope & dignity within people who live in lesser developed areas through purposeful and well contemplated humanitarian field programs endeavoring to provide employment opportunities while teaching principles of good business practice


Our Logo:

The Condor represents the people of the South and the Incan “Chakana” represents bridging heaven and earth. For thousands of years South American Holy Men have prophesied* of a reunion between the long separated People of the Eagle and People of the Condor. Today, Eagle Condor uses the Chakana and Condor as our symbol as we bridge cultures.

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Eagle Condor Humanitarian is a non-profit charitable organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.  It was founded in 2003 with a volunteer board of directors. Home office overhead is donated and paid for by the Board of Directors & Advisory Board.



 The Prophecy:

For thousands of years South American Holy Men have prophesied of a reunion between the long separated People of the Eagle and People of the Condor.

The prophecy tells that in the beginning all the earth’s people were one, but long ago they divided into two groups and each followed a different path of development. The People of the Eagle were highly scientific and intellectual, and the People of the Condor were highly attentive to nature and the intuitive realm.
At the current juncture in earth’s history, the Eagle people will have reached a zenith in their amassing of scientific knowledge, technological tools, expression of high art, and the ability to build and construct. They will even develop tools and technologies that will expand the mind, and they will produce technical miracles of unimaginable power and breadth. The enormous accomplishments and technologies will bring tremendous material wealth to the leaders of the Eagle World. In this same era, the People of the Condor, who are people of the heart, spirit, senses, and possess deep connection with the natural world, will be highly developed in their intuitive skills. However, they will simultaneously be hungry and impoverished for the knowledge that enables them to be successful in the material world.

Now is the era for the two groups to rejoin and share their knowledge and wisdom. The Eagle and the Condor will fly together in the same sky, wing to wing, and the world will come back into balance.