Eagle Condor offers domestic and international internships.

Domestic internships:        

Volunteer hours are needed and appreciated to make our organization successful.  Whether you’re interested in marketing, SEO, office work, or putting on a fundraiser, we can find the perfect spot for you! To explore domestic internship opportunities, simply contact us at: 801-263-2000 or email Laura@eagle-condor.org

International internships:

a. Self-Reliant Associations and Community Development- Working alongside our project managers and US team, you will providing important stepping stones for self-reliance through community projects.

b. Children and Education- Working with the children under our care at the Aldea Infantil, El Bichito (little bug) in Peru, or at our projects in Colombia and Ecuador you will be providing one-on-one mentoring to help children break out of generational poverty.


The heart of an internship focuses on creating options where there previously were none. Interns help create hope for productive futures by providing opportunities for children through nutrition, health, education, and skill development.

Eagle Condor Internships:

  • Live in the orphanage, children’s shelter, or community in which you serve
  • Length may be geared around your schedule with a suggested 8-12 week minimum and longer internships encouraged
  • Internship location will be designated by ECH depending on intern’s skill set, children’s needs and availability
  • Basic Spanish preferred, but not required
  • Free time to explore your host country & community
  • Internship handbook, literature & required pre-internship training workshops
  • Constant communication with Eagle-Condor staff to reach personal and organizational goals
  • Eagle Condor Humanitarian Intern Program sends qualified individuals & couples to support children, families and/or communities to develop skills of self-reliance and sustainability

Internship Requirements:

  • Complete and send in Intern Application and fee (please see below for a link to the internship application form) – Please carefully review Code of Conduct, the Liability Form and No Refund Policy before signing
  • $500 deposit that covers the first month and $500 monthly contribution for each month thereafter, which covers operational costs, children’s projects, accommodations and 1-2 daily meals depending on your location.
  • Age for interns is preferably at least 19 (call for exceptions)
  • Encourage family and friends to sponsor children in the community where you’ll serve
  • Interns are responsible for paying all international and domestic travel and tourism expenses
  • Self motivated, resilient, flexible, emotionally mature, strong work ethic and independent – those seeking a vacation, a chance to “check out” or relax need not apply
  • Safety – As with any international travel, risks are involved and it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Eagle Condor Humanitarian strives to provide a safe and secure environment for the children, staff and interns. Eagle Condor has the right to remove any interns who do not provide a safe haven for the children under our care.  In addition, interns need to be “independent” of parental oversight for their own safety as solid decision making is important for personal safety

Eagle Condor Humanitarian Intern Application 2016

Contact Us:
If you are interested in further information regarding internships for Eagle Condor Humanitarian, please contact

walking“Like I told you last night, my bed that broke my back the first week is now comfortable…the kids that pushed my buttons the first week now make me wanna cry I love them so much…the Spanish that gave me headache after headache is now just a fun game to see how much I can understand…”

– Natalie Bell

“I arrived in Peru with goals to get things done. I wanted to help in EVERY way possible and make sure that I made a difference. I had big ideas, big hopes, big dreams. In the end, though, my big ideas were nothing compared to the little things that actually made the difference.

These kids taught me about love, patience, kindness, intelligence, virtue, smiles, every possible attribute that good human beings have. As an intern, you help them be the difference. You help them realize their worth so that they can go out into the world and become the great people that they really are.                               

girls with kids

I can honestly say this experience was the most amazing thing I have ever done. Probably ever will do. I wouldn’t trade any day or experience I had in Peru for anything.”– Sarah Hess

Check out my video regarding my internship