The Need (Before Program)


  • Family of 6 (4 children, 3 of which are still in grade school)
  • Beatriz made $1.90/day in her business and a second job.
  • Work week: Often 60 hours (keeping her from her family/children).


The Solution (After Program)


  • Income is over $3.70/day – up 95%! (+
  • She recently hired another employee.
  • Work Week: 40 hours (gaining 4 hours per day for her family and children!)


“I am very grateful to Eagle Condor for their classes. They taught me to save money,  manage my accounting and learn to use a budget.”


 – Beatriz Espinoza, Palomino, Piura, Peru


In ways that were not previously available, her children are getting nourished (i.e., physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and Beatriz is pursuing plans to advance their education!



Families in a total of 2 communities (Noe and Iquitos) Peru
# Families that Began 102
# Families that Finished 73
% Retained 72%
Avg % of children entering secondary school (Prior) 13
Avg % of children entering secondary school (After) 25
% Improvement in School Attendance 48%
# of businesses launched by graduates 56
# of businesses operating AND growing (18 months after graduation) 41
% of Businesses Sustained 73
Avg Family Income, Monthly (Prior)% $146.16
Avg Family Income, Monthly (within 6 Months After) $215.84
% Improvement in Avg Family Income (Monthly) 32%
Avg Family Savings (Prior) $46.23
Avg Family Savings (within 6 Months After) $88.38
% Improvement in Avg Family Savings 48%



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